Compliance with DSEAR is a legal requirement for all manufacturing sites with potentially flammable atmospheres.

Dodman is experienced in the implementation of new systems and plant modifications necessary to meet the requirements of DSEAR hazardous area classifications and risk assessments. Dodman combines knowledge of food manufacturing, materials handling and hazardous areas to help food manufacturing companies achieve full DSEAR compliance.

We offer a portfolio of services which include;

  1. New plant and systems which is fully certified as ATEX compliant
  2. Plant modifications and upgrades to ensure DSEAR compliance

Dust Explosion

New ATEX Compliant Systems

Dodman can design complete ATEX certified food processing and handling systems. We will work closely with you to ensure that your production requirements are fully achieved at the same time ensuring your future DSEAR obligations are met by satisfying ATEX and wider DSEAR requirements. Dodman can assist you to establish hazardous area classification and provide the detailed risk assessments necessary to derive a compliant solution. All equipment will be supplied to meet the requirements of ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU.

Upgrade of existing systems

Dodman is experienced in implementing the requirements of DSEAR hazardous area classifications and risk assessments. Following a detailed review of the risk assessment, hazardous area classification and risk assessments. We will provide detailed proposals for system upgrade using established protection concepts. Where necessary Dodman can provide material characterisation and complete necessary structural calculations. Dodman will coordinate the completion of the detailed risk assessments, verification and sign-off of the completed system.


Dodman will appoint a CompEx certified project manager to ensure the smooth completion of the project. All calculations and design content will be supervised and verified by a chartered engineer. Dodman can provide a comprehensive manufacturing service with segregated stainless-steel fabrication. We have a team of CompEx certified installation engineers. All systems will be installed in accordance with EN 60079-14 and inspected and verified in accordance with EN 60079-17.