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Pipework and Chutes

Dodman can provide pipework and chutes for most liquids and solids. We specialise in hygienic pipework and chutes suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Pipework and chutes we provide includes:

  • Process fluids
  • Water
  • Steam
  • compressed air
  • gas

Complete skid mounted systems can be supplied to integrate vessels, pumps, heat exchanges and associated valves and instrumentation in a fully piped solution. Skids can be fully prepared and tested before delivery, reducing downtime and disruption.

Chutes for handling bulk solids need specialist design consideration to ensure materials flow reliably with minimal attrition. Material characterisation can be carried out to ensure flow in chutes is optimised.

Dodman has more than 25 years of experience manufacturing high-quality pipework and chutes for the food and pharmaceutical industry. Dodman has earnt an enviable reputation for delivering excellent equipment to many blue-chip and smaller companies.

Our experienced design engineers provide comprehensive site surveys and detailed layouts to ensure pipework and chutes integrate correctly with existing processes. Pipework and chutes are designed to meet your specific requirements. Our engineers use the latest 3D computer-aided design (CAD) and finite element analysis (FEA) software to ensure the most appropriate design. Compliance with pressure vessel standards (PD 5500) and ATEX requirements are available on request. A design risk assessment can be carried out for pipework and chutes to ensure full compliance with current legislative requirements.

For larger projects, a project manager will coordinate all aspects of the project ensuring that the project achieves all agreed deliverables, on time and with minimum disruption to your day to day activities.

Where necessary pipe bridges and supports can be provided to ensure that pipes and chutes are routed to give clear access. Pipe supports are designed to ensure safe loadings and stability.

Where high or low temperatures are handled, pipes can be lagged and clad to minimise heat loss and to ensure personnel safety.

We have the experience to design vessels for hazardous environments and explosive atmospheres (ATEX) requiring explosion prevention and protection systems.

We specialise in providing hygienic pipework and chutes. Stainless steel grades 304 or 316 are generally used, however other grades of steel can be offered if required. Our coded welders provide a high standard of workmanship using TIG and orbital welding.

Certification includes:

  • Material certification
  • Weld maps
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Pressure testing
  • Notified Body third party approval when applicable.

Pipework can be manufactured from:

  • Schedule pipe
  • Thin-walled
  • Flanged
  • Hygienic couplings
  • Screwed pipework

Hygienic pipework is fabricated using thin wall stainless steel tube with varying degrees of surface and internal finishes using orbital or manual tungsten inert gas techniques. Typical applications would be processed pipework systems commonly found in the dairies, breweries, soft drinks, food, pharmaceutical, confectionery and chemical industries.

Utility pipework in flanged or screwed pipe for a wide variety of applications in carbon steel, stainless steel.

Orbital pipework welding offers a very high quality of weld inside and outside of the pipe. This is particularly suitable for hygienic and sterile pipework for pharmaceutical and food production where the quality and smoothness of the weld is critical inside the pipe in positions that polishing would not be possible.

We offer a variety of quality documentation i.e. full weld traceability, welder certification, material certification, non-destructive metrology testing, pressure testing and as-built drawings.

Installation of pipework and chutes is carried out by our own team of experienced installation engineers. All work is carefully planned and coordinated on site to ensure a high standard of workmanship and safety. For larger projects, Dodman can undertake full Construction and Design Management (CDM) responsibility.

Following installation, Dodman offers a range of support services, providing spares, maintenance and repairs to ensure your equipment remains in optimal condition.

Dodman offers a complete solution for your tank of vessel application from initial concept, manufacture, installation and maintenance support. Please contact us for further information of any of the services summarised above.

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