Basket Washer

The Dodman Basket Washer fully immerses the basket of product in a cold water dosed solution for a varied dwell time (1 – 6 minutes). The Basket Washer is suitable for diced vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, swedes and spring onions. Baskets are typically up to 1000 mm diameter. Baskets filled with vegetables are hand fed onto a moving stainless-steel chain belt. The belt is fitted with stainless steel slats to assist the containers when elevating and discharging.

The Washer includes a side tank for a reservoir allowing topping up with chemical as required. A pump on the side of the Washer takes the dosed water from the tank and pumps water through sparge pipes fitted between the belt. Water overflows back into the tank for recharging. A rotary drum fitted with a perforated mesh screens the water during the washing process. Washed product in the baskets discharges onto a small section of gravity roller conveyor section.

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  • Optimum washing result for all kind of different products including whole head and whole leaves
  • A range of baskets can be used up to 1000 mm in diameter
  • The system can be completely automatic with basket handling systems
  • Easy to clean, easy to operate
  • Stainless-steel heavy-duty chain with fixed side guides
  • Solenoid controlled ‘fill’
  • High flow stainless steel pumps
  • Recirculated wash water through screen filters
  • Recirculated water rinse
  • Final rinse from mains supply via solenoid valve
  • Manual infeed and outfeed
  • All pumps and electric controls to IP65
  • Drain pipe with manual shut off valves discharge
  • Control panel to be mounted or positioned remotely from the equipment
  • Detergent flow control
  • Adjustable leveling feet
  • 304 stainless steel hygienic construction