Roller Conveyors

A range of gravity and powered rollers conveyors utilising plastic galvanised and stainless steel rollers.

Roller type can be plain, ribbed or profiled to suit product and application

Provision for angle adjustment suit product size/flow.

Drive is through geared motors driving the rollers, through chains and sprockets.

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  • A simple and low cost option for conveying packaged products.
  • Dodman roller conveyors are available in widths of 250, 300 ,400, 500 and 600mm.
  • Roller options in PVC, galvanised or stainless steel with diameters from 25 to 75mm. Roller pitch is set to suit the specific application to ensure smooth and accurate transfer of products.
  • Undriven, gravity drive sections are ideal for end of line accumulation and transfer over short distances.
  • Undermounted line shaft drive can be used to power longer sections to ensure positive transfer where insufficient fall can be accommodated for a gravity system
  • Stainless steel framework and support legs
  • Option to include 90 deg bends
  • Can fit product “pin-stops”
  • Modular and mobile units can be supplied