Depositing Conveyor

A range of automated systems include the adding of “inclusions” and “toppings” to cakes, biscuits, cookies, and muffins

The conveyor comprises of a laned transfer tray supported on composite springs from a reaction base.  The topping product fed from the Infeed Hopper aligns with six Lanes to give even feed to the weigh section.  The reaction base is isolated from the support framework on four anti-vibration mounts to prevent unwanted vibration being transmitted to the surrounding environment. An electro-magnet provides the exciting force to generate a vibration in the tray of controllable amplitude. A feedback sensor provides the magnet controller with a continuous measure of the amplitude. A controller adjusts the power to maintain the set point amplitude and therefore the throughput constant under fluctuating load conditions.

Positioned directly under each lane is a small chute/cup to catch the topping product as it falls from the end of the vibratory feed.  The six chute/cup assembly is mounted onto a rigid support shaft and cantilevered off load cells each side.  As the product transfers onto the weigh system the control will monitor the target weight and stop the laning vibrator at the desired weight. With the target weight met the control system awaits the positioning signal from the indexing conveyor, upon receiving the signal a pneumatic ram tips the chute/cups depositing the topping onto the mixture below.

The deposited Topping Product is guided onto the top of the muffin mixture using Discharge Tubes.

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  • Allows for precise control of your processes
  • Rapid and frequent stop/start capabilities
  • Allows your produce to arrive at the right time and in the exact quantity
  • Prevents avalanche, over feed and starvation on your food production line
  • Hygienic design
  • Quiet in operation
  • Low maintenance ensures low cost of ownership
  • Industry standard proven control system
  • Low energy use for improved environmental efficiency
  • Robust construction to stand up to busy manufacturing environments
  • Cost effective
  • Allows bolt on feed trays and small tray sizes for specific applications
  • Can include screens to aid process of equipment
  • Various control options available
  • reduced weight in comparison to other standard frequency vibratory conveyors