Vibratory De-oiling Conveyor

Dodman de-oiling systems are typically used for fried and snack products. These systems efficiently remove excess oil used in the encapsulation process, to improve product presentation

Designed as a de-fattening and de-oiling conveyer to handle a variety of hot, deep fried products. Unit is constructed with large screening area to recover valuable excess surface oil which can be recycled into the fryers oil filtration and heated system.

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  • Allows for precise control of your processes
  • Rapid and frequent stop/start capabilities
  • Allows your produce to arrive at the right time and in the exact quantity
  • Prevents avalanche, over feed and starvation on your food production line
  • Hygienic design
  • Quiet in operation
  • Low maintenance ensures low cost of ownership
  • Industry standard proven control system
  • Low energy use for improved environmental efficiency
  • Robust construction to stand up to busy manufacturing environments
  • Cost effective
  • Allows bolt on feed trays and small tray sizes for specific applications
  • Can include screens to aid process of equipment
  • Various control options available
  • Reduced weight in comparison to other standard frequency vibratory conveyors
  • Heated pan option
  • Oil re-circulation systems