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Steam boiler service

It is important to service your boiler regularly so that it operates at maximum efficiency. Dodman Ltd provides a comprehensive steam boiler service.

Regular servicing of your burner will help you avoid problems with your boiler. By preventing issues from occurring through regular maintenance, you will cut unexpected costs, especially when it is carried out by one of our expert engineers. We offer different options to ensure that your boiler is in good working order.

Dodman carries out annual and NDT preparation works that are required by the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000. This includes a thorough preparation and cleaning, on-site valve overhaul or off-site certified valve servicing, high-quality spares being provided, gauge recalibration, and the rebuilding and restoration of pressure following inspection.

We aim to make inspections as easy as possible and keep downtime to a minimum. You can also rest assured that our skilled engineers will spot any major problems before any inspectors arrive and get them repaired.

Dodman Limited can provide a comprehensive Steam Boiler service covering all aspects of installation, maintenance and refurbishment as listed below:

  • Turnkey installation projects are undertaken.
  • New or re-conditioned boilers supplied.
  • Preparation and overhaul for inspection purposes.
  • Repairs including welding and retubing.
  • Valves ad mountings overhaul, repaired and test certifications issued.
  • Steam distribution pipework systems designed and installed. 

Boiler House and Steam System

A team of skilled service engineers, provide commissioning, servicing and maintenance of boiler plant and associated equipment. Long term service contracts are available which can include the annual insurance inspection.

The Dodman Limited Team offer the following services and benefits:

  • Service Contracts from 1 year to 20 years
  • GN4 / SAFed 5-year examinations
  • Welding repairs and Re-Tubing
  • Annual strip downs
  • Pressure systems safety regulations inspections
  • Commissioning
  • Servicing & maintenance of boiler plant equipment
  • 24 Hour standby option
  • Daily / weekly attendance options
  • Full boiler house management solutions
  • Boiler house health/efficiency checks & surveys

Dodman have recently been awarded a contract to look after a major Food company’s steam Boilers and distribution systems

We have over 30 years’ experience in the energy sector with a particular steam and condensate systems focus.

A service contract/regular site involvement can bring about a range of benefits
Improve steam quality:

  • Save energy
  • Cut carbon emissions
  • Reduce steam consumption
  • Raise product quality
  • Lower water and chemical treatment costs
  • Improve safety
  • Minimize downtime
  • Reduce corrosion for longer boiler and pipework life


Listed below are some of the SERVICES that Dodman Limited is currently offering our Customers.

To supply the relevant time-served craftsmen to carry out all types of works, from reactive leak repairs on a call-out arrangement, through to complete new turn-key systems (including Boiler House)

We offer a proactive approach when carrying out leak/repairs with the submission of the resultant report sheet, in order to identify causes.
(Analysis of failure permits an assessment of mechanisms causing erosion and corrosion).


Steam boiler water treatment is rarely examined as a complete circuit, specifically in how chemistry changes throughout the system
Steam quality can influence heat exchange process performance. Condensate chemistry will influence condensate return system service life.
Resolution of pipework expansion systems will minimise pipework stress and resultant leaks


Dodman can help you look at Pressure Systems rationalisation
Identify and renew/replace non-compliant equipment within systems infrastructure – where functional and reliability issues are identified on site – look at performance/reliability improvements.


Currently Dodman works closely with ARI, ASCON, ECKHARDT, GESTRA, SIEMENS, SPIRAX and TLV, whilst also having accounts with major local and national stockists of these components.
The multi-supplier stock holding and partnership with local service providers ensures the right product, when required and correctly applied.


We offer – System Monitoring / Data-Logging / Trap-Set Surveys


A recent survey on Customers’ sites has brought about a reduction of installed PRV stations (control and relief valves), a traditional problematic area within Factories.


Quantify energy and utility losses from defective equipment. Calculate a payback period based on the remedial works and equipment required against the calculated losses using provided utility unit costs.
To provide back-up data – fuel savings/heat loss reduction and pay back justification.
(Cost accounting is on the agenda. Even today, through the intelligent use of steam as a heat conductor, energy savings of up to 30% can still be attained, modern production processes can be optimized and a repayment time of less than six months is possible)

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