Assembly Conveyor

Assembly lines are designed to offer flexible assembly of your ready meals and convenience foods whether you require manual operator positions, fully automated depositor locations or a combination of both.

A range of assembly belt conveyor will incorporate a pin-stop system and diverting arrangement in order to control the outfeed speed of multi-lane outfeed systems.

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  • Fixed or variable speed, continuous or indexed
  • Adjustable side guides
  • Belt tensioning device
  • Small nose roller
  • Clip-on or fixed work stations
  • Integral electric sockets and air manifold for ancillary equipment

Ready meal assembly lines:

  • Designed to fit your range of tray sizes
  • single or twin lane configuration
  • continuous or indexing operation
  • Outfeed lane merging option
  • Touch-screen menu driven operator control
  • Patterned belts to aid product positioning
  • Operator work tables for hand finishing
  • Auto-tracking belts