Weigh Belt Conveyor

The Dodman range of Weigh Belt Conveyors are typically placed in-line to weigh a range of products. The weigh belt monitors the passage of material whilst maintaining a constant speed at throughputs of up to 15 tonnes per hour. An endless polyurethane ‘troughed’ belt conveyor mounted on a braced rigid frame takes the product over an integral weigh bed section. The unit is supported on an open framework. A microprocessor-based weigh controller conditions load cell and belt speed signals to generate outputs of rate (tonnes/hr., kg/m) and total weight conveyed. The weighing system is repeatably accurate to +/- 1%.

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  • A full range of ‘soft’ belt types including single and multiple ply polyurethane, high-temperature polyurethane, PVC and silicone.
  • Standard weigh belt widths 200, 250, 300, 400, 500 and 600mm. Alternative widths are available to suit specific applications.
  • Weigh Belt options include: tracking strips, surface profiles and sealed edges for improved hygiene. Availability of options is dependent upon belt type and application.
  • Drum or gear motor drives with direct on line or variable speed controls.
  • Optional extras include: belt tension quick release, cantilever construction for fast cleaning strip down, knife edge and small diameter transfers.
  • We are also pleased to offer the latest in Intralox Thermodrive products to deliver the ultimate in hygiene and low maintenance performance.