Flume Washer

Dodman Flume Washers are good general purpose washing systems.

Flume Washers are ideal for the removal of dirt and surface sterilising of products such as leaf salad. Systems can incorporate fine filtering of recycled water, automatic sterilising agent and optional water chilling. Multi-directional spray sparges ensures an effective washing action to suit different product types.

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  • Continuous Salad and vegetable flume washer.
  • Complete stainless steel construction
  • Stainless steel adjustable ball valves maximises water agitation to suit a wide range of products
  • Stainless steel IP65 rated control panel complete with E-stop
  • Quick release removable vibrator deck with different mesh sizes for effective de-watering
  • Rotary drum filter available on the side of the water storage tank to ensure continuous removal of small particles from the water recycling system
  • Fresh water rinsing bars also acts as the water top up control
  • Also available as an Eco version please contact us for more details

Hourly Capacity 

  • Leaf Product: 800Kg Per hour approximately
  • Root Vegetables: 1000KG Per hour approximately


  • Vibrator deck/Belt Outfeed/Angled Belt Outfeed
  • Extended Vibrator deck/Belt outfeed for low care/high care product transfer
  • Interchangeable vibrator decks with different mesh diameters
  • Air blowing system for product agitation
  • Water management system to control the flow of water both in and out of the washer
  • Integral water chilling systems