Tenderometer Calibration and Servicing

A unique service to calibrate your Tr400 against the ‘standard machine’ in our dedicated Tenderometer Room.

Maintaining an accurate standard of calibration is key to ensuring an optimised result for grower and processor. Existing methods of calibrating with tinned or current season samples leave the process vulnerable to variations in test material which may result in variability in calibration result.

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The new Dodman Tenderomter Calibration Service allows testing and calibration of a complete Tenderometer assembly using a consistent, non organic test media. The resulting calibration ensures that the entire Tenderometer beam is functioning accurately and delivering results consistent with the ‘standard’ machine. The test process also allows us to check for consistency over a group of tests to identify any wear and tear issues which may be impacting on the accurate performance of the machine.

The speed and simplicity of the test process means that calibration can be carried out as a part of pre-season preparations or during the season to ensure consistency throughout this key period.