Analogue Tenderometer Repairs

Overhaul, refurbishment and calibration of analogue Tenderometers

The analogue (Martin) tenderometers have now been replaced by the Dodman digital Tenderometer, however there are still many units in use.

Dodman are one of the few remaining companies who can provide a comprehensive service to repair, overhaul and calibrate old style analogue tenderometers. We maintain a stock of spare parts and fully refurbished machines. See below typical overhaul works list:

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Analogue Tenderometer Overhaul

Pea Tenderometer Overhaul Details: –

Grid Assembly: –

  • Grid assembly disassembled.
  • Blades cleaned and de-burred.
  • Blades replaced if necessary.
  • New key fitted on shaft.
  • Faces of blades are filed level.
  • Grid box reassembled.
  • New bearings fitted.
  • Brass bushes checked and replaced if necessary.
  • Blades are reset to correct clearance.
  • Door trip checked to make sure it has a good fit on the shaft.
  • Pointer is checked and repaired or replaced if necessary.

Drive Assembly: –

  • Drive and gearboxes checked to be repaired if necessary
  • Drive and gearbox are test run.
  • Coupling and shear pin are checked for wear and tear, replaced if necessary.
  • Gearbox oil level checked.
  • Shear pinhole re-drilled to correct size.
  • Universal joint is checked for wear and tear.
  • Worm thrust bearing replaced.
  • Worm wheel checked, replace if necessary.

Weight Assembly: –

  • Weight checked, Cleaned and painted
  • Weight shafts checked and freed for calibration purposes.
  • Weight damper checked and repair if necessary, also filled with oil.

Operating Mechanism: –

  • Top cover cleaned and painted.
  • Cover catch checked for wear and tear.
  • Cut out arm cleaned and painted. Also correctly adjusted.


  • All castings are checked for damage.

Frame: –

  • All feet levellers are cleaned, repaired and replaced if necessary.