Sanitising Conveyors

The Food Safety requires there to be physical segregation between low and high care areas.

The Dodman Sanitising Conveyors are the ideal product to meet this requirement. Allowing the operator to pass utensils, raw ingredients still in their packaging and equipment through the segregation barrier between low and high care areas.

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  • Convey ingredients, utensils and equipment from low to high care areas with confidence that they’re fully sanitised.
  • Robust design with good access for routine hygiene cleaning and maintenance procedures
  • Products such as bagged food, cans, tubs, blocks of cheese, film reels, etc are sanitised before entering a high care food environment for further processing
  • Certain optional feature components can be added at a later stage to suit standard panel functions
  • Infeed sensor starts spray bar and conveyor when product passes and comes with a variable timer and switch off function to provide energy saving facility