Floatation Washer

The Dodman Flotation washer provides a compact solution for cleaning. Foreign material removal is achieved using a flotation principle which removes lighter than product debris such as floating skins, wood splinters, string, paper/cardboard, etc, Floating material is skimmed over to a chute and then to a rotating perforated waste reel. Rejected deposits are continuously discharged to a waste bin.

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  • Upper flotation tank separates floating debris such as pods, sticks and leaves.
  • Waterflow is designed to optimise separation and deliver waste material over the take off weir.
  • Manual trimming valves allow optimal set up of water flows
  • Outfeed de-watering screen delivers a clean sample with minimal carry over.
  • Closed loop, pumped water feed from integral water tank minimises water use.
  • Electrical Supply requirement: 220V, 1Ph, 50Hz
  • Weight (filled to specification):190Kg (est.)
  • Flotation washer and de stoner designed to allow use singularly or in combination
  • The flotation tank uses careful design and water flows to separate buoyant material from the raw material. Water is recirculated to the flotation tank through a filter box to