Depositing & Coating

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Dodmans depositing & coating systems are used in many production applications. Depositing and coating systems can be supplied as standalone mobile units or can be fully integrated into your production line. The systems can be used for manufacturing products such as pizzas, biscuits and muffins. All of our systems guarantee fast processing times and can be incorporated into your existing food processing plant with minimal disruption to the production line

Our goal is to provide you with the finishing capabilities you need while maintaining or boosting production throughput. To accomplish this, we can design and build machinery that improves the efficiency of your existing process. Dodman Depositing and Coating systems can provide an intermittent or continuous material application. We have the ability to build your ideal depositing or topping machine.

Quality depositing and topping machinery can add considerable value to your production process. Our solutions can reduce human labour. Accurate and dependable depositing and topping can improve product appearance and quality. Improving application can reduce scrap rate of both the final product and the material being deposited. We would like the opportunity to help you give your products the finishing touch and increase your profitability.

Dodman offers bespoke systems to sprinkle toppings, dustings and decorations onto cakes, cookies and a wide range of other products in different industries. We utilise continuous or indexed systems to provide a clean, accurate solution enabling cost reductions to a very labour-intensive operation.

If you operate within the food production industry, we are confident that we can provide flexible, efficient and innovative solutions to meet your food processing and food manufacturing needs. We are here whenever you need us.

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