Rotary Drum Blancher

Rotary Drum Blancher

A range of standard Rotary Drum Blanchers varying from 1500mm long – 4500mm long and diameters from 1500-2500mm

The Rotary Drum Blancher is used to hot water blanch products with water at up to 98ºc. Capable of rehydration of a wide range of materials, including navy beans and rice with dwell times up to 25 minutes.

Product is fed into the Blancher and gently fed through a drum suspended and rotating in hot water. After the required dwell time, lifters fitted in the form of a Ferris wheel at the end of the drum, discharge the product into the outfeed system.

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  • Radiused drum ends and tank corners greatly alleviate hygiene cleaning problems, whilst product damage is kept to an absolute minimum by the design of the blancher drum and screens.
  • The perforated drum screens are close fitting, therefore minimising sharp edges and are removable to facilitate cleaning.
  • Volume of water ensures even blanching action
  • Steam injection water heating ensures quick and even heating to the required blanching temperature
  • Careful design of the thermal controls ensures temperature accuracy better than+/- 1 degC up to 95 degC C
  • Variable drive speed allows easy control of residence time to exactly achieve the desired product result
  • Drum with internal flights ensures gentle handling of product to maximise product yield and presentation
  • Range of drum lengths and diameters ensures blanching process can be scaled to suit your product and throughput requirements to maximise efficiency.
  • Typical capacities of 3,000 to 15,000Kg/hr
  • Blanchers can be supplied stand alone or with a full range of infeed and outfeed solutions

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