Ferris Wheel Washer

A Rotary Dip Washer used to dip various whole and sliced/diced products through an agitated water wash. Rotating paddles that are cranked and perforated, control product through a water/wash allowing product to de-water and discharge easily. They will be designed to be removable for ease of cleaning. The unit will be complete with independent make-up tank with removable filter screens and suitable water pump set (steam injectors can be retro-fitted within this tank, in the event that hot water washing is required. Strategically positioned nozzles will be incorporated at the sides and bottom of the tank, with fresh water sprays at the discharge point.



  • Drive would be through an inverter operated variable speed geared motor.
  • Complete stainless steel construction
  • Stainless steel adjustable ball valves maximises water agitation to suit a wide range of products
  • Stainless steel IP65 rated control panel complete with E-stop
  • Rotary drum filter available on the side of the water storage tank to ensure continuous removal of small particles from the water recycling system