Box Tipper

The Dodman Box Tipper unit provides an efficient means of delivering products to a production line directly from a box or bin. The Box Tipper is capable of tipping a range of boxes and bins up to 1500 Kgs, with a tipping angle of 30 degrees past the horizontal. The tipper will be able to be loaded via a pallet or fork lift truck. The Box Tipper can be actuated using either a geared electric motor or hydraulic cylinders. The machine will be supplied with its own control panel. The control will allow the operator to initiate the machines operation by depressing the start push button mounted on the panel.

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  • The chain lift system is simple and easy to maintain
  • A clamped shroud prevents foreign material entering the product flow during tipping.
  • Guards are interlocked to current standard.
  • Capacity: lifting up to 1500 Kg gross
  • Gear-motor with lifting via chain and sprocket or direct geared motor.
  • Construction Stainless steel 304 and food grade plastics
  • Light guards or mechanical safety doors
  • Control panel to automate operation and monitor lift sequence