Cook Quench Chill Unit

Product Sector: Vegetables, Pasta, Rice and Pulses

Our customer is a large company specialising in the preparation of ready meals. The company has been cooking ingredients such as pasta, rice and vegetables using static vessels into which baskets are immersed into large vessels by overhead hoists.

The Challenge:

Our customer approached Dodman to provide a safe, more efficient system to replace the cooking and chilling operations.


Dodman have more than 30 years’ experience providing automated cook, quench, processing systems. The Dodman Cook, Quench, Chill is a fully automatic process where raw material is automatically loaded into the first cooking basket. After completing the cooking cycle in the first basket, the basket is automatically lifted and tipped into a cooling basket. After a further timed cycle, the basket is raised and tipped into the chilling basket. The final basket containing chilled ingredients is automatically discharged to the downstream process. The complete process is fully automated and doesn’t require any manual lifting.

Our Solution:

Dodman successfully installed the Cook, Quench, Chill unit together with a Eurobin Tipper that safely lifted and gently loaded the cooking basket in a controlled manner. The cooking cycle took place at 85 degrees Centigrade and was automatically discharged to downstream processes at 5 degrees Centigrade.

Cook Quench Chill

Result: Cook Quench Chill 

The Dodman Cook, Quench, Chill unit improved efficiency, reduced cost by reducing manual labour, but most importantly, reduced risk of accidents by fully automating the process. The cooking process could be tightly controlled to ensure precise cooking and cooling cycles. Transfer operations were carefully controlled ensuring minimal damage to the ingredients.

Dodman have more than 30 years of experience supplying food processing and handling systems to the food industry. If you are interested to know more about Dodman, this specific project or have similar challenges to overcome, please give us a call, we would very happy to help you develop your processes.

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