Foodvibe E

Electro Magnegitic

Ideal where precise product control and gentle product handling is essential. Ideal to regulate product flows to multi head weighing systems

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  • The flexibility and controllability of the electromagnetic drive makes it particularly suited for the feeding of product to Multi Head weighers.
  • The built-in control allows the conveyors to drive in response to demand signals from the weigher, creating a fully integrated feeding solution.
  • A variety of inlet and outlet options including square, scarfed, internally scarfed and radiused ensure that product is delivered precisely to the required location
  • Ideal where precise product control and gentle product handling is essential to the efficient operation of your process
  • Energy Efficientproduct motion is driven by electromagnetic drives with very low power consumption. Conveyor drives can be configured to ensure maximum efficiency in product delivery.
  • Low Noiseexpert design of the conveyor and mountings delivers high performance with low noise and minimal external vibration for an improved working environment
  • Designfoodvibe E conveyors are designed specifically for food processing environments. Attention to detail in design and material selection means that foodvibe conveyors are robust and easy to clean; minimising clean times and maximising up time.
  • Controlfoodvibe E conveyors can be configured to automatically respond to loading variations ensuring a consistent flow of product through your process.
  • Flexiblefoodvibe E is suitable for use with fruit, vegetables, salad leaves, cereals, snacks, baked goods and other friable food Available in a range of standard widths with options for tray profile, covers, gates, diverters and screens. Square, scarfed and radiused outfeeds are available.
  • Expertise the expert team at Dodman can ensure that your foodvibe E is efficiently installed and maintained to ensure optimum lifetime performance. If a standard foodvibe is not suitable for your application our design team can evaluate a bespoke solution to precisely fit your need